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We offer a large selection of great tasting treats for your dog including grain and wheat free varieties.

Barkley's Bakery will be closed July 9 - 17 for Vacation. Orders will be delayed.

Only the best for your dog!

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We offer gift baskets, birthday party packs for the fun loving party animal, plus a large variety of decorated treats using a yogurt based icing that we purchase. (not considered organic.) We pride ourselves on the fact we do not use artificial colors on any of our treats.  We only use fruit or vegetable based colors such as spinach, beet, and carob.  To see our cakes and specialty treats we have made for our customers check out our Instagram page.

Barkley's Bakery offers dye free non GMO organic Dog Treats for wholesale and retail customers

Only the best homemade organic dog treats for your dog in our commercial grade kitchen. Wholesale organic dog treats available for qualified customers.

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We are licensed in the state of Pennsylvania by the Department of Agriculture to only sell in our state.  

Are you local to our area?  We offer free delivery to customers within 10 miles of Macungie Pa

We love to spoil our dogs so why not give them something healthy while showing your love?  

We have a great tasting selection of treats, cakes, and other special items that your dog will love. We use only organic ingredients to hand make all of our treats in small batches.  We also cater to the sensitive and allergy prone dogs by offering grain and wheat free options such as using rice flour for gluten sensitive dogs and barley flour.  Our grain free treats are made using buckwheat flour which many people think is a grain but it's not.  Buckwheat is a seed and it is related to rhubarb.  Buckwheat is also low on the glycemic scale which makes it a great option for dogs with diabetes because it can help maintain normal blood sugar levels. To learn more about the benefits of buckwheat for your dog click here.

Whether it's your everyday treats, a birthday or other special occasion count on us to provide you with all of your dog's needs!

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